You learn to say “yes” to yourself, then you notice how life supports, holds and loves you. In front of you is a message calendar “Yes, everything is possible” with supportive and inspiring daily messages, which are born in the form of a calendar in this world for the fifth year in a row.

The spiral-bound calendar measures 108 x 126 mm. Thanks to the strong base, the calendar stands firmly on the table and is easy to turn the pages. The message calendar is intended for all people who want to start their day positively and say “yes” to themselves!

Every picture in the message calendar has a message: “Life always answers you” yes! "

You are the most important person in your life! I recommend that you take a moment every day, breathe deeply in and out, come to yourself, read the daily message from the calendar and feel with your whole body the emotions and feelings that the specific message brings out in you. Just allow this message into yourself, saying “yes” to yourself every day.

Day after day you will notice how life supports, holds and loves you just as you are today! Life sends you the best opportunities, people, situations and events on your way, so that you can blossom and experience how important it is to say YES to yourself!

Be open-minded, live in the moment and know that every thought you think and every word you say always gets a “yes” in response! This “yes” carries you in lightness, joy and love throughout the year.

Yes, decide that this year will be the best year of your life so far and so will every next one. Yes, believe that everything is possible!

Calendar idea and message author Merike Kütt:

“I am a partner, mother, daughter, sister, friend, colleague, entrepreneur and co-worker, and the author of the calendar idea and message writer. In my life, I have encountered probably all the topics that can come up in a woman’s life. Every experience, even the most painful, has made me today who I am - a happy and grateful woman on my journey. I have learned to value and love myself just as I am. I love my work as a therapist and experiential trainer, because I sincerely believe that if a person already reaches me, then for a reason. I am convinced that even the longest journey begins with a thought and the thought can be changed in the direction that suits you. I really believe that everything is possible!"

More information about Merike’s activities:

I sincerely wish that the year 2024 will be the best of your life so far and so will every next one!

In love and gratitude

Merike Kütt


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Message Calendar “Yes, everything is possible” 2024

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